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Update (February 2012)

Contemplative Grappling with Darkness and Mystery

The first reading on the second Sunday of ordinary time relates that wonderful story of the call of Samuel. He goes to Eli three times believing it was the voice of Eli that had awakened him from his sleep. Eli, possessing an innate spiritual wisdom, realizes that it was the voice of God that was awakening Samuel and offers him direction as to how to respond. It is a direction that forever changes the life of Samuel. Such biblical stories raise questions for us as to the role of call, of darkness, and of response. These are questions that invite our continual grappling and ongoing discernment.

Darkness can evoke differing emotions within us. At times it can evoke fear. We know this when cataclysmic events plunge us into a seeming total darkness. Many leaders have needed to deal with events such as suicides, fatal accidents that have claimed the life or lives of sisters, fires, or comparable tragedies. The initial shock can be so severe, it can render one momentarily powerless and numb. It is a struggle to find sufficient light to enable us to move forward...

 Mary Hughes, OP — LCWR Past President


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