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Update (January 2012)

Update, January 2012
Update, January 2012

Praying from the Dark and Silent Places

We begin the New Year still savoring Advent and Christmas. It is just slightly past the winter solstice, the days still short and the mornings dark. I’m particularly aware of the darkness of the day’s beginning. During Advent I sat every morning in that pre-dawn obscurity as a way to pray the season, finding my fascination with the darkness only deepening. I learned from Judy Cannato’s writings that about 96 percent of the universe is either dark matter or dark energy, invisible because it is not able to interact with light. Yet the gravitational pull of dark matter holds the galaxies in place and keeps them from flying apart, while dark energy, a sort of antigravity, makes the universe expand in all directions. The forces invisible to us in the darkness literally hold the universe together. Wow! ...

by Pat Farrell, OSF — LCWR President

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