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LCWR offers its members a wide variety of publications designed to keep them informed of current information and events regarding the conference and religious life. These publications are available to the public as well.

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Summer 2009: Creating in Chaos; Unearthing the Potential of Uncertain Times


When the 2009 LCWR Assembly Planning Committee chose in September of last year to focus the assembly on the chaos of these times, little did they know the additional chaos that awaited! The ground has been shifting dramatically during the ensuing months, making the need to live with trust, hope, and creativity ever more urgent. In this issue of the Occasional Papers, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious calls upon its members and colleagues to offer insights and wisdom on what one writer terms “the balancing act of exercising non-anxious leadership without holding out false or premature security.” The writers suggest that these rapidly changing times may be just the impetus vowed religious need to find even deeper and more meaningful ways of living our charism and mission. They also offer invaluable suggestions for how leaders may bring their institutes to these new places.

Choosing Simplicity in a Context of Deep Time - Part 1 (Jul. 2009, Vol. 18, No. 3)

Carbon-offsets, ecological footprint, peak oil, global climate change, habitat loss, levels of toxicity…the list goes on and on. How are we to respond to these new dimensions of an ethical imperative which is core to the life of a vowed religious attempting to give witness to the presence of God in history?

Update (July 2009)

The work of leadership these past six months has had a unique and historical challenge with the announcement of the Apostolic Visitation of women’s congregations by The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (CICLSAL) and the Doctrinal Assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF)

Update (June 2009)

The paradoxes of mission that Jesus presents in the Beatitudes as well as in the mystery of death and Resurrection could contextualize our perplexing situation in the church now. We might not fathom that the potential implications of an apostolic visitation and doctrinal assessment can also be meeting points of Cross, Resurrection, and mission.

Update (May 2009)

These are unprecedented times for us, leaders and women religious, who strive to respond to recent Vatican initiatives that affect women religious across the United States. Many feelings well up and swirl around our attempts to find ways to respond to what has come as a surprise. Regional gatherings and circles of quiet prayer ground and center us. Together we create a safe context for discerning how best to respond to the events that unfold even as I write this column.

Earth’s Call: Reduce Our Footprint (Apr. 2009, Vol. 18, No. 2)

Elise Garcia, OP writes, “Like other informed people, I have been aware of global warming for some time. Seeing An Inconvenient Truth in 2006 raised my level of concern. But the matter moved to the backburner, again, as the unconscionable war in Iraq, the horrors of Darfur, and other pressing issues grabbed my attention. It wasn’t until 2007, a month after I made fi rst profession as an Adrian Dominican Sister, that I awakened to the magnitude of the problem.

Update (April 2009)

With a deep breath I begin this reflection. There have been so many agendas claiming attention these most recent days. Agendas within the Church and our world, within our congregations, within the lives of our sisters and those they serve… agendas within my own life as it is touched by all of these concerns.

Update (March 2009)

Through the liturgical year, we traverse the mystical reality of the Word Incarnate, the baptism of Jesus, and ordinary time. Slowly now – lento -- we move through the stories of the death of Jesus, a season for soul-reflection.

Update (February 2009)

Bold headlines, scrawled across the top of this morning’s newspaper, highlight a fragile economic climate around the globe. Many leaders of religious communities wonder how our assets can be stretched to care for members and to support ministry to those most affected by poverty. A new president promises to boost the economy by shoring up bridges and roads. If his strategy is effective, bridge-building may sustain many during this economic roller-coaster ride.      


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