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LCWR offers its members a wide variety of publications designed to keep them informed of current information and events regarding the conference and religious life. These publications are available to the public as well.

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Summer 2020: Our Journey to the Borders and Beyond


The Summer 2020 issue of Occasional Papers, Our Journey to the Borders and Beyond, will be an important edition that looks at the call to religious in these chaotic and rapidly changing times. Writers in this issue explore the kind of presence religious are invited to embody for the sake of the world. How do we live with authenticity, integrity, and depth this spiritual journey that takes us to the borders of what we have known and compels us to move beyond? What does the world -- in all its changing dimensions -- most need for us to be?

May 2020

The Lord is Risen, Indeed

by Carol Zinn, SSJ -- LCWR Executive Director

April 2020

A Call to Spiritual Bonding

by Elise D. García, OP -- LCWR President-Elect

 As I write this column, the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is rocking our nation and the world.

March 2020

'An Attitude of Being'

by Sharlet Wagner, CSC -- LCWR Past President

February 2020

Challenges and Gifts of Intercultural Living

by Jayne Helmlinger, CSJ -- LCWR President

The topic most capturing my attention these days is intercultural living. Our congregation has long had women from other-than-the- dominant culture entering, specifically, Chinese, Filipina, and Latina. These women were the minority within their “bands” and assimilated into the congregational culture over the years. 

January 2020

Emmanuel, God-With-Us, Here and Now, Today and Tomorrow

by Carol Zinn, SSJ - LCWR Executive Director

As I’ve journeyed through these Advent days of holy waiting and watching, preparing for the feast of the Incarnation with eyes focused on a new calendar year filled with Epiphanies, the experience of the 2019 LCWR Assembly remains with me. The speakers and processes invited us to:

You Will Have Light for Your First Steps -- LCWR 2020 Reflection Book

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LCWR presents a new 2020 reflection book, You Will Have Light for Your First Steps. This collection of reflections written by more than 40 LCWR members builds on a line from the poem “Trasna” by Raphael Considine, PBVM. The poem challenges us to view this historic moment in religious life as a crossing place – a place where we come to the end of what we have always known and move forward toward something that will be quite different from what we may have ever imagined.

December 2019

 In Hopeful Expectation


 by Elise Garcia, OP -- LCWR President-Elect

As we enter this season of Advent in hopeful expectation of the new life that Mary will soon birth, the nations of the world gather in Madrid for their 25th year of climate talks, with the window for meaningful action fast closing.

November 2019

Reflections Under the Redwoods

by Sharlet Wagner, CSC -- LCWR Past President

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree. *


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