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Mentoring Leadership Manual

Mentoring Leadership Manual
Mentoring Leadership Manual

LCWR offers a leadership mentoring program that can be pursued from home.  The conference developed Leading from Within: A Mentoring Leadership Manual that is based on the three dimensions of leadership (symbolic/meaning-making, relational, structural/organizational).

The program

  • is especially helpful to those relatively new to leadership but is a valuable reflection tool for any leader.
  • involves a period of reflection, study and exploration on the part of the leader. The process usually takes about one year.
  • involves partnering with an experienced leader or former leader who serves as a mentor, or forming a peer mentoring group.
  • is flexible. Participants can do as many or as few of the units as works well for them.
  • offers a variety of experiences that will accomodate different styles of adult learning.

Members of the task force that prepared the manual were: Nancy Schreck, OSF; Angela Gannon, CSJ; Diane Grassili, RSM; Regina Bechtle, SC, and Marie Chiodo, DW.

Copies of the document, Dimensions of Leadership, may be downloaded below in English, French, and Spanish.