Faith in and Hope for Human Dignity

Teresa Maya, CCVI -- LCWR President

What a short Advent! Christmas is already upon us, yet the invitation remains to prepare by confirming our faith in the Incarnation and by kindling our hope in the fulfilment of its promises. Advent reminds us that joy is the sign of authentic faith and hope.  As we begin the Christmas season I wonder how our lives as women religious have witnessed to our faith and hope.  I wonder how they are transformed into joy.  I was surprised in my wondering, by our parish priest in the heart of Advent. After the homily he invited a couple celebrating their golden jubilee to stand and renew their marriage vows before the assembly.  He had been prodding us to consider where we could find “Good News” in our world today.  Where is the Good News already true, already with us?  And when the couple had finished their renewal, moving all of us to tears, he said,“This friends, is Good News!”  

Suddenly I realized that as women religious we have been “Good News” for a long time.  There is joy in our hearts because we have been women of faith and hope.  And that friends, is Good News. Continue reading by downloading the PDF of the newsletter below.


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