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LCWR offers its members a wide variety of publications designed to keep them informed of current information and events regarding the conference and religious life. These publications are available to the public as well.

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February 2021

'There is Always Light'

by Elise D. García, OP — LCWR President

As our nation transitions to a new administration, with its breath of fresh air, and the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, I am hanging on to Jeremiah’s promise of a future full of hope.

January 2021

A Year to Remember -- A Year to Anticipate

by Carol Zinn, SSJ -- LCWR Executive Director

December 2020

Be the Light for Our World

LCWR 2021 Reflection Book


The focus of the 2021 LCWR reflection book is Navigating Uncharted Waters, which draws from the theme of the 2020 presidential address of Jayne Helmlinger, CSJ. In her address, Jayne invited people to consider what type of vessels they need as they set “sail into deep, uncharted waters that await us.” Sea navigation is an apt metaphor for living in the world today when so little in life is clear, simple, or risk-free.

November 2020

Pondering the World Today

by Jayne Helmlinger, CSJ – Past President

Winter 2021: God's Infinite Vision


The Winter 2021 issue of LCWR's journal, Occasional Papers, entitled God’s Infinite Vision, explores how we might look upon this time of upheaval in almost every aspect of society as a moment for transformation. In this edition, we will continue the conversation that took place at the 2020 LCWR assembly on expanding our own vision so that it aligns more closely with that of God. How might we view life from perspectives that penetrate beyond and below surfaces, horizons, and limitations?

October 2020

Embarking on our Spirit Journey

by Elise D. García, OP - LCWR President

As summer ends and schools reopen, LCWR enters a new year following our annual culminating gathering at the August assembly. Like so many other things in this age of pandemic, the 2020 assembly was like none other in our 64-year history. More than 1000 gathered in virtual space, experiencing both the bane (technology glitches) and the gift (safe togetherness) of that medium.

August/September 2020

A Spirit Call within a Call

A Message from LCWR's Officers

On July 10, 2020, the national board of LCWR unanimously affirmed a call to place the conference on a five-year journey to address systemic racism and white privilege. The call emerged from an open and honest conversation held among leaders of LCWR and the National Black Sisters’ Conference.

2019-2020 - Imagining Leadership in a Global Community

The theme for the 2019 LCWR assembly proved to be prophetic: “Imagining Leadership in a Global Community.” The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and our deepened awakening to systemic racisim have clearly shown the interconnectedness of humanity and creation. 

The coronavirus has had a particularly profound impact on our lives. As the pandemic spread, leaders have been tapping into their creativity and imaginations, finding new streams of connection and solidarity in our global sisterhood.


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