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Occasional Papers

The LCWR Occasional Papers is a journal published by the conference that offers articles and reflections on topics pertinent to women religious leaders. Copies of back issues may be purchased by contacting Carol Glidden at

Summer 2014: Discernment


The Summer 2014 issue of Occasional Papers is dedicated to an exploration of discernment through many lenses, including what it means to discern in light of new understandings of the universe.

Writers will be exploring such topics as:

Winter 2014

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The Cosmic Story: What Does it Have to Do with Religious Life?

New understandings of the cosmic story have clearly captured our attention. But what do these insights have to do with our everyday lives?

The Winter 2014 issue of Occasional Papers explores how the cosmic story impacts:

Summer 2013

Exploring the Richness of Fallow Time

As the season of Advent 2012 began, the LCWR officers wrote to the members about the doctrinal assessment of LCWR by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. They noted that they found themselves "in the praxis of advent, waiting for the word to come to us from God as we enter into listening and conversing."

Occasional Papers - Summer 2012

Upcoming LCWR Occasional Papers - Summer 2012

Leadership and the Evolution of Consciousness: Humanity finds itself in the midst of an explosion of new understandings of the universe, as well as an increasingly polarized world of political, ecclesial, and ideological tensions. Where do we find God in this? To what are women religious being called in light of these realities? What is the specific call to those entrusted with leadership at this time? This issue of Occasional Papers will explore these questions and more.


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