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Occasional Papers

Subscribe todayThe LCWR Occasional Papers is a journal published by the conference that offers articles and reflections on topics pertinent to women religious leaders. Copies of back issues may be purchased by contacting Bianca Louis at

Summer 2009: Creating in Chaos; Unearthing the Potential of Uncertain Times


When the 2009 LCWR Assembly Planning Committee chose in September of last year to focus the assembly on the chaos of these times, little did they know the additional chaos that awaited! The ground has been shifting dramatically during the ensuing months, making the need to live with trust, hope, and creativity ever more urgent. In this issue of the Occasional Papers, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious calls upon its members and colleagues to offer insights and wisdom on what one writer terms “the balancing act of exercising non-anxious leadership without holding out false or premature security.” The writers suggest that these rapidly changing times may be just the impetus vowed religious need to find even deeper and more meaningful ways of living our charism and mission. They also offer invaluable suggestions for how leaders may bring their institutes to these new places.


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