Leadership Conference of Women Religious

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LCWR offers its members a wide variety of publications designed to keep them informed of current information and events regarding the conference and religious life. These publications are available to the public as well.

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The 2018 LCWR assembly gave us a theme rich in layers of meaning: Being the Presence of Love:  The Power of Communion. We felt that power of communion as we processed in silence together and stood on the steps of St. Louis’ Old Courthouse, witnessing against the evils of racism. Our assembly theme would continue to unfold for us throughout the year ahead. As our country and world grew seemingly ever more divided, we women religious witnessed to and were witnesses of the power of communion. 

July 2019

Leading on Empty, Finding the Grace

by Teresa Maya, CCVI -- LCWR Past President

June 2019

Building Bridges and Breaking Down Stereotypes

by Sharlet Wagner, CSC -- LCWR President

Canon law is not a topic that typically causes the eyes of women religious to light up. It is generally seen as dry and dogmatic, with a focus more on rules than on spirit and heart. I recently told some of our sisters that I find a great deal of wisdom and inspiration in the Code of Canon Law. They looked at me in a way that suggests they were mentally making plans to have me assessed for early-onset dementia!

May 2019

Black Holes, Holons, and Holy Mystery

by Carol Zinn, SSJ -- LCWR Executive Director

Holy Mystery. Sacred Presence. All-Embracing, Creator God.
Gracious Sprit. Womb of all Life. Ever-Gracing, Most Wondrous God.
In this moment, in our being, we are One.
We are One.  -- Monica Brown, "Holy Mystery"

Summer 2019: Our Search for Meaning


The Summer 2019 issue of Occasional Papers is entitled Our Search for Meaning. A document created by LCWR several years ago, “Dimensions of Leadership,” notes that an essential part of spiritual leadership is “an ability to connect the richness of the inner world with the significant challenges and movements of a given time.

April 2019

Enabling the Flourishing of Interculturality

by Jayne Helmlinger, CSJ

March 2019

Time to Move

by Teresa Maya, CCVI -- LCWR Past President

February 2019

'You Pray for a Better Dream'

by Sharlet Wagner, CSC -- LCWR President

I write this column from my bedroom at our convent in Kyarusozi, Uganda, where I am visiting our sisters who minister at a rural health center. Uganda’s fertile soil and natural beauty have earned it the nickname “the Pearl of Africa.” But that natural beauty lives side-by-side with tremendous poverty, a result of colonialism, corruption, and years of warfare.


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